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  • Apple Computers

    Whether it's an iMac, Macbook Pro or Mac Pro we can fix them all...  The great thing about Apple computers, are that they retain their value.  Even if your MAC is 5 years old...with just a little memory and an updated Operating System, your computer can be equal to or better than a brand new model, along with being a fraction of the cost....

  • Windows Computers

    Sadly viruses plague the PC industry...most people assume their computer is broken, when really it just needs a good cleaning.  From Virus removal to Hard Drive repair, we can help.  So don't trash your year old PC just because it's running slow or not acting the same...bring it us and let us bring it back to life.

  • Popular Computer Repairs

  • Virus Removal
  • Hard Drive Replacement
  • Operating System Install / Upgrade
  • Data Recovery