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  •      Inlan Solutions was founded by Damien Blanchard in 2007 in a 300sq/ft store located on Pierce Street in Kingston, PA.  It's sole purpose was to provide customers with a friendly, personable, non-corporate environment to bring a broken computer to get fixed. Damien was more than familiar with corporate computer repair, as he was the lead technician at both Staples (Wilkes-Barre, PA) and later led Circuit City to its initial Wilkes-Barre "Firedog" roll out.  He understood the uneasy, intimating feeling customers had when looking to get a computer fixed.  Like going to a mechanic, most customers never knew if they would be taken advantage of when getting their computer fixed. Between the unorthodox pricing and the "pick a number" atmosphere the "Big Box" stores were providing, Damien chose to open a small store on his own and use his computer knowledge to provide the best service possible

  •      We have since expanded to a 1000sq/ft location on Market St. in Kingston, PA.  We've added many new repair services to our company.  Outside of fixing all Windows based computers, we now lead the area in Apple Computer Repair.  We fix all Apple Computer Models, from Macbook's, Macbook Pro's, Macbook Air's, iMac's and More...  We've even broke the ground on providing a large spectrum of services on all Apple iDevices including iPhones, iPods and iPads.  So, whether it's a Virus on your PC, a broken Hard Drive on your MAC, or a cracked screen on your iPhone, we can fix it all.
         No matter how big we get, we continue to strive to provide the best customer service and one-on-one customer relationship we started with.  So, feel free to BOOK NOW or call us at Kingston - 570-288-1630